The Board of Directors – The Pillar of Governance and Strategy
Arqaam Capital is devoted to upholding high standards of corporate governance, aligning with international best practices and recognizing its critical importance in the financial sector. Our commitment to robust governance is reflected in a structure that is meticulously tailored to our organization’s size, business model, and status as a private, unlisted company

Governance / Governance Structure

Foundational Principles of Arqaam’s Corporate Governance

Arqaam’s governance framework is founded on principles that ensure operational excellence and ethical business practices. These principles include:

  1. Suitable Governance for Size and Business: The governance structure is designed to benefit Arqaam’s scale and the nature of its operations, ensuring effectiveness and relevance.
  2. Comprehensive Controls: Implementation of appropriate and comprehensive controls forms the bedrock of our governance, ensuring reliability and transparency in all operations.
  3. Documented Policies and Procedures: A robust set of documented policies and procedures guides our business practices, providing clarity and consistency in decision-making and operations.
  4. Fit and Proper Individuals: Emphasis on having fit and proper individuals in leadership and key roles ensures that the company is steered by professionals with the right skills, experience, and ethical standards.
  5. Adaptability as a Private Unlisted Company: Recognizing its nature as a private, unlisted entity, Arqaam’s governance structure is adaptable, allowing flexibility while maintaining rigorous standards.

Arqaam Capital’s governance structure is a testament to our unwavering dedication to maintaining integrity, accountability, and excellence in our corporate practices. It is a cornerstone that supports our mission and vision, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence and credibility.

Corporate Governance Principles

Corporate Governance is the allocation of authority, roles and responsibilities within a company.  It is a framework for the internal organisation of a company; helps deal with conflicts of interest and helps align persons within a company towards achieving its vision, goals and strategy.

Corporate governance structure should be clear, solid and definitive, as well as effective.
Corporate governance structure should be transparent, internally to unite the company and externally to create a good name.
Corporate governance structure should define responsibilities and hold persons accountable within the remits of their respective roles.
Corporate governance structure should make shareholders, managers and employees all feel welcome and involved in the business.
Corporate governance structure should encourage legal and regulatory compliance and set this tone at the top.
Risk Management
Corporate governance structure should have effective risk management systems in place to identify, control and mitigate risk.
Arqaam Group’s corporate governance structure can be summarised as follows:
Corporate Governance Structure
Shareholders are the ultimate controllers and beneficiaries of the firm, with the right to appoint, remove or replace the Board of Directors.
Board of Directors
Board of Directors is the supreme governing body of the firm, providing strategic direction, leadership and oversight and all important matters are reserved for Board approval. The Board of Directors reports to the Shareholders.
Board Committees
Board Committees are smaller groups (including Board members) which are delegated with responsibility on specific topics by the Board and who report to, advise and make recommendations to the Board. Arqaam Group includes Board Committees for effective decision-making, Saudi business and set-up, and nomination and remuneration.