The Board of Directors – The Pillar of Governance and Strategy

The Board of Directors stands at the apex of the Arqaam Group’s governance structure. Entrusted with the highest level of responsibility, the Board oversees the entirety of the Arqaam Group, guiding its strategic direction, leadership, and overarching corporate governance. The Board’s role is pivotal in shaping business strategies, ensuring financial robustness, making key personnel decisions, and establishing internal organizational structures. It also shoulders the critical responsibility of managing risk and ensuring compliance with regulatory obligations.

While the Board retains the ultimate decision-making power on vital matters, it may, where appropriate, delegate certain functions to board committees or other executives. However, it is important to note that the delegation of functions does not equate to the delegation of responsibilities.

Governance / Board of Directors

Composition of the Board

The Board of Directors of the Arqaam Group is a balanced mix of Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors, including Independent Non-Executive Directors. The structure ensures a majority of Non-Executive Directors, with these directors holding the casting vote. This composition is designed to foster diverse perspectives and maintain an equilibrium between executive management and independent oversight.

Board Membership

The Board will comprise five Independent Non-Executive Directors, including a Chairman. They are supported by key executive positions such as the Head of Arranging and Head of Advising, along with the Executive General Manager.

Initial Board and Management Structure

The initial Board of Directors and management team of Arqaam Capital Financials include esteemed professionals:

Board of Directors:

  1. Mazin Al Tamimi: Serving as the Chairman of the Board and Independent Director.
  2. Radi El-Helw: Taking on the roles of CEO, Independent Director, and Head of Arranging.
  3. Luay Al Qatami: Appointed as an Independent Director.
  4. Ganesh Subramanian: Contributing as an Independent Director.

Management Team:

  1. Radi El-Helw: In the dual capacity of CEO, Independent Director, and Head of Arranging.
  2. Nabeel Kazarooni: Serving as the Head of Advising.

Commitment to Excellence

The Board of Directors at Arqaam Capital is steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of leadership and governance. With a strategic blend of experience and expertise, the Board is uniquely positioned to lead Arqaam Capital towards achieving its goals and enhancing its stature in the financial sector.

The Arqaam Capital Financial Board will be assisted in performance of its duties by the existing corporate governance framework of the Arqaam Group, consisting of the various committees and sub working groups. These committees report both to the Arqaam Capital Financial Board as well as to ExCom and AGM Board, as outlined below. 

As part of the corporate governance and organizational procedures and policies Arqaam Capital Financial will be part of the existing framework, while noting that this will not detract from the responsibilities and corporate governance of Arqaam Capital Financial and local law and regulatory requirements in relation thereto.   

Mazen Al Tammami
Chaiman and Non-Executive Director

Mazen Hani Altamimi, the Chairman and a Non-Executive Director at Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA), is distinguished by his extensive and impressive career in financial services, banking, and wealth management. Bringing a wealth of experience and insight to Arqaam Capital, Mazen’s role is pivotal in steering the company’s strategic direction and governance.

Mazen’s journey in the financial sector is marked by a longstanding tenure at Banque Saudi Fransi, where his career evolved from an initial trainee position to roles of increasing responsibility and influence. He successfully ascended through the ranks, becoming a Corporate Banking Division Manager, then Regional General Manager, followed by Senior Executive Director and Head of Institutional Banking. His career at Banque Saudi Fransi culminated in a vital role as an Advisor to the Executive Committee of Saudi Fransi Capital.

In addition to his commitment at Arqaam Capital, Mazen has served as the Group Chairman of Almurjan Group and holds positions on the boards of several other businesses, illustrating his broad influence and engagement in the financial sector. He is also an active investor, bringing a unique perspective to his leadership roles.

Mazen’s expertise spans a diverse range of financial disciplines, including wealth management, asset management, corporate banking, corporate credit, investment banking, and structured finance. This comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape underpins his effective leadership at Arqaam Capital.

Educationally, Mazen Hani Altamimi is grounded in technology and innovation, holding a BA in Computer Science from Richmond University in London. This background further enriches his approach to leadership and strategic development in the dynamic world of finance.

As Chairman of Arqaam Capital Saudi, Mazen’s leadership is integral to the firm’s success and growth. His vast experience, coupled with his strategic vision and deep understanding of the financial markets, positions Arqaam Capital for continued advancement and achievement in the Saudi financial sector.

Luay Al Qatami
Independent Non-Executive Director, Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA)

Luay Al Qatami serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director on the Board of Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA), bringing a specialized focus on international property investments. His role at Arqaam Capital is instrumental in providing diverse perspectives and strategic insights, particularly in the realm of global investment opportunities.

Luay’s professional background is marked by significant experience in investment banking. He has held key positions in prominent financial institutions, contributing to his deep understanding of the investment landscape. His roles have included serving as an Investment Manager in the Treasury and Investment Division at Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, a Senior Investment Manager in Portfolio and Asset Management at Al Ahlia Investment Company, and an Assistant Manager in the Asset Management Division at Gulf Investment Corporation.

Adding to his investment banking experience, Luay also underwent investment training with the Kuwait Investment Authority. This training included short-term positions with various institutions, notably Morgan Stanley, providing him with a broad and multifaceted understanding of investment strategies and financial markets.

Academically, Luay Al Qatami possesses a strong foundation in business and finance. He holds a BA in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from The American College in London, complemented by an MBA in Finance from Kuwait University. This educational background enriches his approach to business strategy and investment decisions.

As an Independent Non-Executive Director at Arqaam Capital, Luay Al Qatami’s extensive experience in property investments and investment banking, combined with his academic qualifications, make him a valuable asset to the Board. His expertise supports Arqaam Capital’s commitment to diversification and strategic growth in the competitive Saudi market.

Ganesh Subramanian
Non-Executive Director, Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA)

Ganesh Subramanian serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA), playing a crucial role in shaping the financial vision and strategic direction of the company in Saudi Arabia. His appointment to the board is a strategic step towards realizing Arqaam Capital’s ambition of making its Saudi Arabian entity the largest and most successful part of the group, potentially becoming the headquarters.

In his capacity as an independent non-executive board member, Ganesh brings a wealth of financial and investment experience to the table. He is currently the Senior Executive Director of Arqaam Capital Limited in the DIFC, a role that underscores his deep familiarity with the Arqaam brand and its operational ethos.

Ganesh’s extensive experience is not limited to his current position at Arqaam Capital Limited. He has accumulated significant years of relevant experience serving on the boards of various companies, providing him with a broad perspective on corporate governance and strategic management. His role as an independent non-executive director for Arqaam Capital Limited (Cayman), the group holding entity for the Arqaam group of companies, further attests to his expertise and leadership capabilities.

At Arqaam Capital Saudi, Ganesh’s insights are invaluable for guiding the company’s growth trajectory in the Kingdom. He is known for his financial acumen, board experience, credibility, and sector knowledge, coupled with a capacity for independent thinking. These qualities make him an integral part of the board, contributing to Arqaam Capital’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the Saudi Arabian financial market.

Roddy El-Helw (Radi)
CEO and Head of Arranging, Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA)

Radi, the CEO and Head of Arranging at Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA), stands at the helm with over 30 years of enriched experience in brokerage, management, banking, and finance. His extensive background encompasses a wide range of roles, from executive leadership and operations management to governance and business development.

As the President of Arqaam Global Markets in Dubai, UAE, and Cairo, Egypt, Radi has skillfully managed a dynamic team of over 160 professionals across various divisions, including sales and trading, research, custody, corporate finance, and asset management. In his role, Radi plays a critical part in shaping the company’s financial direction and strategy. He is instrumental in presenting comprehensive budgets to the Board of Directors for approval, being a key member of the executive committee. His leadership extends to ensuring that all departmental targets are effectively met through meticulous oversight and follow-up, demonstrating his commitment to the company’s success.

Moreover, Radi’s involvement with the executive committee is pivotal in maintaining and reinforcing the company’s corporate governance policies and procedures. His close collaboration with the committee underlines his dedication to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and operational excellence.

With Radi’s wealth of experience in handling diverse M&A opportunities and being an active and influential board member, he is exceptionally suited to steer Arqaam Capital’s expansion into Saudi Arabia. Arqaam Capital aims to become a leading figure in investment brokerage in the Kingdom, and under Radi’s adept leadership and profound understanding of investment banking, the firm is well-positioned to achieve and exceed these aspirations. His hands-on approach and technical acumen are the driving forces behind Arqaam Capital’s strategic goals and its pursuit of excellence in the Saudi market, particularly in Arranging and Advisory services.

Nabeel Kazarooni
Head of Advising, Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA)

Nabeel Kazarooni, the Head of Advising at Arqaam Capital Saudi (AKSA), brings a profound depth of experience and expertise in finance to the forefront of the firm’s advisory services. With his extensive background in the Gulf region’s finance sector, Nabeel plays a pivotal role in guiding Arqaam Capital’s advising strategies and operations.

In his capacity as a financial adviser, Nabeel excels in providing clients with insightful advice on the nuances of dealing in securities and exercising rights associated with these securities. He is also responsible for overseeing critical areas such as financial analysis, financial modeling, and investment valuations, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and strategic financial guidance.

Nabeel’s tenure at Arqaam Capital, which began in 2011, has been marked by his focused expertise in investment banking. He has been instrumental in supporting the investment banking team, particularly in origination and client relationship management. His role extends beyond traditional advising, encompassing cross-selling the firm’s equities and fixed income funds, and managing accounts for equities and credit brokerage services.

A notable achievement in his career at Arqaam includes raising USD 200 million in the past 18 months for fixed income products, both conventional and Shari’a compliant, from Saudi-based clients. His focus on cross-border M&A advisory services, particularly targeting the GCC, Africa, and Southeast Asia, demonstrates his capability in navigating complex international financial landscapes.

Nabeel’s significant financial acumen, board experience, and sector knowledge make him an invaluable asset to Arqaam Capital in Saudi Arabia. His independent thinking and credible advisory approach are integral to Arqaam’s commitment to delivering exceptional financial advising services in the region.